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Atheist Group Goes Green with Solar Array


Cranford, NJ—American Atheists, an organization best known for taking a hard stance in the fight for the civil liberties of atheists, is now fighting for the future of our planet. In a bold move, the organization announced today the installation of the George Whatley Solar Array on the roof of its headquarters in Cranford, NJ.  Not only will the solar array generate 100% of the electrical needs for the main office, it will also produce a surplus of energy. The additional electricity will be sold back to the local electric company, generating revenue for the American Atheists Legal Fund.

President David Silverman stated, “As atheists, we understand that the responsibility to make positive change in our world lies within us, not in a supernatural force or deity. We take this step toward a better future with great pride.”

Teresa MacBain, Public Relations Director said, “American Atheists continues to raise the bar for freethought organizations around the world. In making this transition to solar energy, our hope is that others will follow suit to help protect our planet for generations to come.”

American Atheists is able to make this transition to clean energy a reality through a generous gift from the estate of George Whatley. The array will be fully operational by Friday November 16, 2012.