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First Puerto Rico Atheist Conference Features Catholic Priest, YouTube Celebrity

San Juan, PR—On Thursday, American Atheists announced the speakers who will appear at the first-ever atheist conference in Puerto Rico, August 21-23. The lineup, featuring both local and mainland speakers, includes a Catholic priest, an expert on the historicity of Jesus, and a civil rights activist. Simultaneous translation will be provided to attendees as the conference will feature a mix of Spanish and English speakers. Tickets for the conference are $99.

“This is an important event for atheists in Puerto Rico because violations of the separation of religions and government are rampant and routine on the island. This convention will energize, grow, and strengthen the profile of the atheist community” said American Atheists President David Silverman.

The American Atheists Puerto Rico conference, August 21-23, will be at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino and will feature community-building workshops on Friday and a costume dinner with all the speakers on Saturday night. Attendees may also sign up for excursions around the island, including a tour of the largest radio telescope in the world, on Sunday.

The announced conference speakers are poet and author Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro; author and historian Richard Carrier; activist Greta Christina; Internet celebrity and magician Matt Dillahunty; Catholic priest and lawyer Tom Doyle; civil rights activist Mariana Nogales; activist Eva Quinoes; scientist Cara Santa Maria; Hispanic American Freethinkers President David Tamayo; and actress and activist Indra Zuno.

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