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AtheistTV to Transition to Exclusively VOD Service

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists today announced that its television service AtheistTV, the first and only network hosting content exclusively by and for atheists, will transition to exclusively a video on demand service, similar to Netflix and Hulu.

“This change reflects the reality of the way that people are consuming content,” said David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “People are telling us that they want more content and they want to be in control. This change makes that possible.”

Since launching AtheistTV in July 2014, tens of thousands of users have tuned in on the Roku platform and many more have watched online.

This transition will end the live stream of content, but will include an expansion to the Amazon Fire Platform for video on demand content in the coming months.

“Providing content on demand means that we can provide more shows to more households in a way that more people are demanding. Focusing our resources to give people the content they want the way they want it makes sense,” added Silverman.

The live stream will end on Friday, September 11.