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Atheists Outraged by Trump Administration’s Expansion of Contraception Exemptions

Cranford, NJ—In reaction to the Department of Health and Human Services’ new rules undermining contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act, American Atheists national program director Nick Fish released the following statement:

These rules allow any business, including huge corporations or even insurance providers themselves, to claim a religious or moral objection to providing birth control coverage in their insurance plans. This is yet another giveaway to religious extremists who think their beliefs entitle them to special treatment.

This is a nakedly political move that only serves to shore up the President’s support among a certain religious group. The vast majority of Americans oppose this change. Public health experts oppose this change. The only people who want this are the people who want to be allowed to impose their religious moralizing on their employees. This is an attack on women, on equality under the law, and on common sense.

If providing comprehensive insurance coverage for employees was such a burden on religious freedom, why is the administration not allowing employers who are Jehovah’s Witnesses to deny coverage for blood transfusions to their employees? Or allowing employers who believe in faith healing to only provide insurance that covers prayers?

They’re hypocrites who are playing politics with women’s health.

For more information, contact Nick Fish, National Program Director, [email protected], 908-276-7300 x8