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Kansas: Help us oppose religion-based discrimination in adoption and foster care

Topeka, KS—The Kansas House is considering new religious exceptions that would allow funds to go to adoption and foster care placement agencies that discriminate against potential foster and adoptive parents based the religious beliefs of the agency.

For example, these agencies could discriminate against atheists and religious minorities, single parents, and LGBTQ people without consequences, all while being funded by your tax dollars.

The people proposing this hateful measure are trying to sneak this language into an unrelated bill (HB 2481) while denying the opportunity to even have a hearing on this issue.

This may be our last chance to stop this terrible bill! Tell your state lawmakers they should oppose HB 2481 now!

This kind of discrimination reduces the number of potential adoptive parents, making children in these systems less likely to find a loving permanent home. Every child in the foster and adoption system deserves a forever home.

Sponsors of this bill claim that religious child placement agencies in other states have been forced to close due to same-sex marriage — but that is simply untrue. Instead, these agencies have a choice: they can either take government funds or they can choose to discriminate. This is the only fair option for the people of Kansas and the children involved.

Together we can stop this hateful bill! Please act now and help us ensure that no child goes without a home because of an adoption agency’s religious dogma.