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ACTION ALERT: Stop Congress from diverting funding from military children to religious schools

The children of military families encounter a host of challenges that their civilian counterparts simply do not have to face.

These children frequently move and change schools, they endure extended parental absences, and many live with the aftermath of losing a parent to conflict or having a parent return with their own personal challenges to overcome.

Public schools currently receive financial assistance so that they can provide education and social services tailored to the unique needs of these children. But now that aid is threatened by a plan to divert these important and necessary funds into vouchers.

The plan would allow a select few military families to send their children to private, mostly religious schools while draining the public schools of funds crucial to care for the majority of our military kids.

We expect to see efforts in this week to attach this provision (the Military Education Savings Accounts Act) to the National Defense Authorization Act, a must-pass bill that funds the military.

These vouchers programs threaten religious freedom, lack accountability, and channel your tax dollars to religious schools that are free to discriminate against students.  In states with similar voucher programs, more than 90% of school voucher funding goes to religious schools.

This is much more than an atheist issue. This voucher scheme is opposed by groups like the National Military Family Association and the Military Officers Association of America.

Tell your Members of Congress today that you want them to oppose any proposal that would create a private school voucher plan for military students.

Our military families deserve better.