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Oppose the Domestic Gag Rule

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed new rules which would ban health care professionals that receive federal funds from providing full and accurate medical information about abortion services.

Not only would this rule continue the ban on federal money funding abortion, it would ban providers who receive federal money from even talking about abortion or referring patients to other doctors.

This federal money, called Title X funding, is intended to allow health care providers to offer preventive and family-planning assistance for millions of patients annually. Now, the Trump administration wants to force doctors to lie to their patients in order to receive Title X funding.

The proposed rule (known as the Domestic Gag Rule) does nothing to improve health care for patients. Instead, it limits options for women and requires doctors and nurses to conceal information and lie to the people who are counting on their medical advice — for no other reason than to appease religious extremists.

Help us challenge this rule by telling HHS that you oppose it using the form below!

This rule would undermine women’s rights and put families at risk. Patients cannot possibly make informed choices about their health if they’re only getting half the facts. The Trump administration is holding medical funding hostage and demanding that doctors and nurses mislead their patients.

But together we can fight this attack on patients and the rights of medical professionals. July 31 is the deadline for us to send as many comments as possible to HHS.

If you or someone you know relies on Title X health care, please share your story when you comment on this rule. If you’re a health care professional, let them know why you think this rule is wrong! Share this message with as many friends as possible to spread the word!

No one should be denied access to comprehensive, accurate medical care due to someone else’s religion. Doctors and nurses should not be required to conceal legitimate medical services from their patients in order to receive federal money. Please take action now — people’s lives depend on it.