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ACTION ALERT: We can’t allow the Catholic Church to cover up child abuse

The Catholic Church is once again in the news in for its systemic, repeated sexual abuse of hundreds of Pennsylvania children.

Even worse, they may get away with this reprehensible behavior and cover-up due to a loophole in Pennsylvania law.

State lawmakers can stop this by passing HB 612, a bill which would allow victims of sexual abuse additional time to take legal action against their abusers.

We must take action now! Please tell your state representative to pass HB 612 to protect children in Pennsylvania from sexual abuse!

The grand jury report, which brought this horrible sexual abuse and the cover-up by Catholic leadership to light, recommends correcting major flaws in Pennsylvania law which allow child-abusers to avoid legal repercussions for their crimes. If they are not closed, these loopholes would prevent more than 1,000 victims from taking legal action against their abusers.

HB 612 would help to address this travesty of justice. Please help us to pass it now!

Lawmakers have a responsibility to fix broken legal systems and to protect the most vulnerable among us. The Catholic Church and its many abusers and enablers should not be above the law.

Together we can hold them accountable. Please tell your Pennsylvania state representative to pass HB 612 to protect Pennsylvania’s children from sexual abuse!