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Ask your Representatives to Oppose Christian Nationalist State Bills!

At this very moment, Christian nationalists are charging forward with Project Blitz, a secretive state legislative campaign with the sole intent of dismantling our rights.

This insidious campaign is simple but effective: introduce in as many states as possible radical bills that undermine religious equality, attack LGBTQ discrimination protections, and reduce access to reproductive health care.

We need your help to stop this legislative assault on our freedoms! Inform your state representatives and expose this deceptive campaign.

Project Blitz succeeds in silence, but with your help, we can drag it into the light.

Please take action by emailing your elected state representatives now!

Project Blitz has established “prayer caucuses” in at least 33 state legislatures. They seek to mislead lawmakers who would oppose the broader goals of Project Blitz. But together we can defeat this deception by raising awareness about this campaign.

In 2018, the Project Blitz campaign introduced more than 75 state bills. Unfortunately, ten of these bills passed in 2018, primarily “In God We Trust” school display laws, as well as bills that allow religious discrimination in foster care and adoption. Already in 2019, there have been about 40 state bills introduced similar to those pushed by Project Blitz.

Fortunately, we are working in coalition to oppose Project Blitz. See the website for materials and resources relating to this campaign.

And please help us inform your state representatives about these resources by emailing them now!