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Florida Residents: Oppose Bible Classes in Public High Schools

Christian nationalists throughout the country are trying to insert religious ideology into the public education system. And they have their eyes locked on Florida!

At this very moment, the Florida State House is considering H195, a bill that mandates that public schools provide elective Christian Bible courses.

But their real goal is to indoctrinate children.

More often than not, these classes end up resembling Sunday school rather than public school because schools fail to meet the constitutional requirement to teach about the Bible in a secular way.

We need your help to oppose these bills: Tell the House Education Committee to vote NO on H195!

Bills like this are being promoted across the country by Project Blitz, a multistate campaign by Christian nationalists to attack the separation of religion and government, LGBTQ equality, and access to reproductive services.

H195 is exclusionary and unfair, wastes scarce educational resources, and does not protect students from religious proselytization.

Please act now.

Urge the House Education Committee to vote NO on H195, and help us prevent Florida from mandating Bible courses in public schools!