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Action Alert: Keep Christian Propaganda out of Public Schools

Missourians, we asked you last week to write to your representatives to oppose a so-called Bible literacy bill.

But Missouri lawmakers refused to listen. Now that bill and two more Bible bills are moving toward final votes in both the House and Senate.

We need you to stand with us today to oppose these bills. Take action now!

HB 267, HCR 13, and SCR 13 would insert religious ideology into the public education system by encouraging schools to provide elective Christian Bible courses.

This legislation bears all the hallmarks of Project Blitz, a multistate campaign by Christian nationalists to attack the separation of religion and government, LGBTQ equality, and access to reproductive services.

HB 267, HCR 13, and SCR 13 provide no way to ensure that students are free from religious proselytization.

Please act now. Urge your State Representative and Senator to vote NO on turning public schools into Sunday schools!