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Stop Project Blitz from Pushing Bible Classes on Missouri Public Schools

The Missouri House recently passed HB 267, a bill that would encourage public schools to provide elective Christian Bible classes.Tomorrow, the Senate Education Committee will hold a hearing on this legislation.

This is our chance to stop this bill. Please take action now to tell lawmakers that HB 267 is not acceptable!


NO to inserting religious ideology into schools!

NO to indoctrinating our children!

NO to the Christian nationalist agenda of Project Blitz!

More often than not, these Bible classes end up resembling Sunday school rather than public school because schools fail to meet the constitutional requirement to teach them in a secular way.

We need your help to oppose these efforts: Tell the Senate Education Committee to vote NO on HB 267!

This legislation bears all the hallmarks of Project Blitz, a multistate campaign by Christian nationalists to attack the separation of religion and government, LGBTQ equality, and access to reproductive services.

HB 267 provides no way to ensure that students are free from religious proselytization.

In addition, the bill states that understanding the Christian Bible and Hebrew Scriptures are “prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture,” marginalizing the values and experiences of students who are atheists or religious minorities.

Please act now. Urge the Senate Education Committee to vote NO on HB 267 encouraging Bible courses in public schools!