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Prevent Religious Coercion in Indiana Schools

Indiana lawmakers are pushing forward legislation designed to favor Christian students by giving them school credit for attending religious education.

SB 373 would create a culture of favoritism in Indiana’s schools where students of particular religions are able to attend special classes, and atheist and religious minority students would be forced to take extra classes to make up the difference.

This is religiously coercive for students, and it unquestionably violates the separation of religion and government.

We need your help to oppose SB 373! Please contact your state representative now!

The US Supreme Court has made clear that schools may not provide credit for religious education, yet that is exactly what Indiana lawmakers are trying to achieve through SB 373.

By doing so, this legislation would create liability for any school district that chooses to implement this unconstitutional bill. Public education dollars should be spent on public education, not wasted on unnecessary lawsuits.

Indiana does not need a law that would compromise the public school system in order to give special privileges to students of certain religions.

Please take action now to tell Indiana lawmakers that this is not acceptable!