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Oppose Unconstitutional Bible Classes in Alabama Public Schools

Last Thursday, the Alabama legislature passed one of the worst “Bible class” bills we’ve ever seen.

SB 14 not only allows public school teachers to discuss the Bible as a source of “morals” and “values,” it encourages them to teach “public policy” through a biblical lens.

Can you imagine the discussions Christian extremists will be having with their impressionable students on LGBTQ rights, women’s healthcare, and their false and ahistorical version of “religious freedom”?

This is our last chance! Please tell Governor Ivey to veto this bill!

Under SB 14, a school principal may authorize the display of “religious materials,” including crosses, during elective courses in history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, and literature.

This is pure indoctrination of children!

But that’s not it. Under SB 14, parents can’t sue the school district if teachers try to indoctrinate children.

Yes, by shielding schools and teachers from liability, SB 14 encourages teachers to break the law and proselytize.

Please urge Governor Ivey to veto this unconstitutional bill and stop Alabama from facing even more costly litigation. Please act now!