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Michigan Residents: Oppose Religious Exemptions for Large Gatherings

Governor Gretchen Whitmer wisely issued an executive order that limits gatherings of more than 50 people in order to prevent the spread of potentially deadly coronavirus in Michigan.

Unfortunately, however, the executive order has a religious exemption for places of worship, allowing them to meet and put the public health at risk.

Please ask Gov. Whitmer to rescind this religious exemption today! No one should have the right to risk others’ lives because of their religious beliefs.

In Washington, DC, and New York, hundreds of people were exposed to coronavirus through religious gatherings. Ask Gov. Whitmer to make sure the same does not happen in Michigan!

There is no constitutional obligation to exempt religious groups from public health and safety regulations, particularly when lives are on the line. Our government has a compelling interest in protecting public health and can limit in-person gatherings, even of churches.

Please write to Gov. Whitmer today and ask her to rescind this religious exemption to protect the health and safety of all Michiganders.