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Take a Stand Against Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination in Virginia!

The Virginia Values Act is currently on the desk of Governor Ralph Northam. This landmark bill would say once and for all that discrimination against LGBTQ Virginians is wrong.

Both the Virginia House and Senate passed SB 868, which provides important non-discrimination protections in employment, housing, education, credit, and public accomodations to hundreds of thousands of Virginians.

Now we need your help—please ask Gov. Northam to sign this bill into law today!

The Governor received the bill on March 6th and has only 30 days to sign any bill into law. 

Justice can’t wait for thousands of LGBTQ Virginians. Please contact the Governor and ask him to sign SB 868!

This popular, bipartisan bill would extend protections currently in place for state employees throughout the Old Dominion State. The Virginia Values Act has the support of a broad coalition of Virginia employers, civil rights leaders, and local secular organizations. The bill would make it clear that all residents of Virginia must be treated equally wherever they work, reside, or engage in daily life, without expanding existing religious exemptions

Many Americans believe that there are national non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people, but that’s not the case—currently LGBTQ Virginians can be fired, evicted, or denied services for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Signing the Virginia Values Act would make Virginia the 25th state in this country to offer these critical protections – and the first in the South!

Please act now—tell Gov. Northam that equality can’t wait! Please ask him to sign SB 868 today!