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Tell Lawmakers: We’re Here, We’re Atheist, and We Demand Representation!

American Atheists recently launched Reality Check: Being Nonreligious in America, a report based on the U.S. Secular Survey conducted in 2019. This survey of nearly 34,000 nonreligious participants looked at the needs, priorities, and challenges that atheists and nonreligious people face in our daily lives. This was the largest survey ever conducted focusing specifically on nonreligious communities in America.

American Atheists’ members helped make this groundbreaking report possible. But now we need your help again — we must send this report to lawmakers all across America to show them that we live in their districts and we deserve representation!

Please take action now! Click here to send Reality Check to your state and federal representatives!

Lawmakers can no longer ignore our community! Religiously unaffiliated people make up nearly 25% of the electorate, and explicitly nonreligious people comprise a growing share of the population. Moreover, the report shows that 94.7% of the participants were registered to vote and 86.5% always or nearly always vote, which is a significantly higher voting rate than the general population.

The three most important policy priorities for participants were 1) maintaining secular public schools, 2) opposing religious exemptions that allow for discrimination, and 3) ensuring access to abortion and contraception.

Moreover, the study shows that there is rampant stigma and discrimination against nonreligious people, particularly in very religious communities. But it also shows the strength of our communities — more than one in five participants were members of local secular groups.

Please act now! Tell your representatives that we live in their districts and that we deserve representation just like every other American!

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