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Oppose DeVos’s plan to use the pandemic to enrich religious schools!

Earlier this week, we asked you to reach out to your state lawmakers in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Espinoza decision and urge them to repeal any state school voucher or tax credit programs. Unfortunately, now the Trump Administration has stepped in to make the situation even worse.

President Trump and Secretary DeVos are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to pursue their agenda: divert desperately needed resources from our public schools to private religious schools. They are asking Congress to insert a new school voucher program into the coronavirus stimulus bill currently under consideration.

These are the floodgates we warned would open after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Espinoza ruling. Their proposal could pour billions of taxpayer dollars into religious schools around the country that see it as their mission to indoctrinate students.

Congress needs to hear from you! Please tell them it is not acceptable to use the pandemic as an excuse to disassemble public schools to enrich religious schools!

We’ve already shown how churches have helped themselves to at least $6 to $10 billion and religious schools to at least $4 to $8 billion in Paycheck Protection Program funding. This is what it’s all about: money.

Religious organizations want the right to rob taxpayers, while remaining free from any government oversight.

Let’s show them that we will not stand by, while they trash the U.S. Constitution and the religious freedom of every American. Please contact your representative and senators and ask them to oppose school voucher programs in the next coronavirus relief legislation!