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Does Your State Protect Religious Equality? Tell Your State Lawmakers to Take Action!

American Atheists recently launched the 2020 State of the Secular States report, a comprehensive analysis of state laws that affect religious equality and the separation of religion and government.

This report looks at more than 40 positive and negative laws and policies in each state, as well as in Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. We are launching it at the beginning of the state legislative session as a resource for state advocates and lawmakers to advance religious equality for all Americans.

But we need your help! Please write to your state lawmakers today and send them the 2020 State of the Secular States report!

Christian nationalists are moving forward with Project Blitz, a secretive state legislative campaign with the intent of dismantling our rights. This insidious campaign is simple but effective: introducing radical bills that undermine religious equality, attack LGBTQ discrimination protections, and reduce access to reproductive health care in as many states as possible.

That is why we created the 2020 State of the Secular States report. Along with our resources to fight Project Blitz available at, this report will provide advocates and lawmakers with the tools they need to understand the laws in their state and work to change them for the better.

This new version of the report includes several new assessments of state law, including how well homeschooling laws protect children, whether state nondiscrimination laws protect nonreligious people, and whether states allow clergy privilege to shield child abuse. We also rate states on how well they protect religious equality. Take a look and see how your state rates!

And then, please write to your state lawmakers to provide this important information to them! 

Your state lawmakers are in a position to stand against the tide of Project Blitz and to improve your state’s laws for the better—to protect religious equality and the separation of religion and government.

Please help us to educate them on these important issues so that they can better protect religious freedom for all Americans.