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Arizona Residents: Oppose Public Funding for Deceptive Religious “Pregnancy Centers!”

Today and tomorrow, two legislative committees will hold votes on controversial bills (SB 1251/HB 2404) that could hand over $3 million to religious “pregnancy centers.”

These fake pregnancy centers have a religious mission to prevent abortion and use deceptive marketing practices to target and lure pregnant women to facilities posing as real medical centers.

State funding should not promote this religious deception. With these bills on a “fast track” to pass the legislature as quickly as possible, please take action now!

Arizona women need real health and pregnancy care, not lies and deceit. Especially during this pandemic, it is shameful that lawmakers are planning to give religious groups $3 million to undermine access to health care.

The government should protect women from these religious “pregnancy centers”—not give them taxpayer dollars so that they can more easily manipulate women.

Arizonans, it is absolutely crucial that you tell your state lawmakers to oppose SB 1251/HB 2404 today!

Not a single tax dollar should support religious organizations that trick, harass, bully, and shame vulnerable women into foregoing health care services.