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Oppose Teaching Creationism in Arkansas Schools

Arkansas lawmakers are considering an unconstitutional bill (HB 1701) that would allow creationism to be taught in place of science in Arkansas public schools. This reckless legislation has already passed the Arkansas House and has moved to the Senate Education Committee—we need your help to stop it!

Government-sponsored religious teaching has no place in our public school classrooms. This bill would not only deprive students of adequate education in the science of evolution, a fundamental concept in biology, it would undermine religious freedom for students and teachers in Arkansas.

Arkansans, join this important effort to stop the promotion of religion in Arkansas schools! Please reach out to the Education Committee and ask them to reject HB 1701!

The US Supreme Court has struck down laws that allow the teaching of creationism in public schools multiple times because they lack any legitimate secular purpose. In fact, similar laws have been struck down in Arkansas at least twice!

Still, Arkansas lawmakers insist on repeating their mistakes, at the expense of public schools students and taxpayers.

In an unbiased court system, there is no way HB 1701 would withstand court scrutiny. But given the ideological packing of the courts, especially in Arkansas, who knows? It is much better to stop this harmful bill now!

HB 1701 would needlessly waste education resources, put school districts at risk, undermine science education, and subject Arkansas students to religious coercion.

Arkansans, please take action today to stop this terrible legislation! Contact the Senate Education Committee and urge them to reject this bill.