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American Atheists Board of Directors Changes Leadership

Cranford, NJ—Today, American Atheists announced the election of Jen Scott (left) as Chair of the Board of Directors and Debby Williams (right) as Treasurer. Both were elected by a unanimous vote.

Jen Scott is a passionate community organizer and grassroots activist. In 2016, she co-organized a campaign against the Ark Encounter, drawing international attention to its anti-evolution teachings, anti-LGBTQ hiring practices, and acceptance of state tax incentives. She has also organized actions countering the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church. Scott is the Southwest Ohio Regional Organizer at Equality Ohio, an organizer for Cincinnati Pride, co-founder of the Community of Reason, and was named the 2018 American Atheists Activist of the Year.

“With her extraordinary energy and achievements, Jen Scott is a model for atheist activists across the country,” said Nick Fish, president of American Atheists. “Jen’s new role is a further testament to the importance we must place on local organizing, field work, and civic engagement at the grassroots level. Her dedication reinforces who we are as an organization. We are thrilled to welcome her as our new chairperson.”

Scott, who previously served as Board Treasurer, will replace Neal Cary, American Atheists’ chairperson for the past 12 years.

“In my role as chair, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the diverse, talented, and dedicated board of American Atheists and with our exceptional staff,” said Cary. “I love American Atheists. I look forward to continuing my service on the board, and I am excited for our future with fresh leadership from Jen and Debby.”

Debby Williams has spent her career working in atheist and progressive spaces. She worked on the 2008 Obama campaign in Florida, was elected to the board of the Humanists of Houston, and became president of the organization. She joined American Atheists’ board of directors in 2021.

“Having worked as a board member and treasurer for a number of atheist and other community groups and nonprofits, Debby brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to American Atheists,” said Fish. “We are fortunate to have such great board members from such diverse experiences and viewpoints coming together to do our important work.”

“Thanks to the steady leadership of Neal these past 12 years and the wealth of innovative ideas, creative collaboration, and tireless passion every member of our board brings to the organization, American Atheists has never been in a better position to defend civil rights for atheists and all Americans,” he added.