The American Atheists Center

The American Atheists Center in Cranford, New Jersey, is home to the national staff of American Atheists, American Atheist magazine, the Charles E. Stephens American Atheist Library and Archives and the Eddie Tabash Conference and Media Studio. The American Atheists Center is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

American Atheists wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the benefactors and patrons of the American Atheists Center:


W. Jefferson Holt
Carol Stricker


Wayne Aiken
Thomas F. Bauch
Richard A. Bonofiglio
Howard K. Bostock
Diana P. Bowen
Robert Curci
George W. & Hazel E. Fisher
Joseph Fox
Leon T. Fulcher
Roland & Nora Gervais
J.E. Hancock, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Horn
Prince Joli Kansil
Freda Kernes
Paul King
William Kish
Frank Lynott
Sylvia Maiman-Berger
Gerard E. Michel, M.D.
Edward Naras
Rice O'Dell
Peggy Olsen
Sandra Rader
Joe L. Randles
Barbara F. Relland
Theodore Salisbury
Helge Seljaas
Cary Lee Sweet
Nancy Compton Worthen

American Atheists Center
PO Box 158, Cranford, NJ 07016
Phone: 908.276.7300

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