Atheist Viewpoint

American Atheists produced the Atheist Viewpoint cable show since the days of Madalyn Murray O'Hair. The show was co-hosted by David Silverman and Dennis Horvitz and features guest appearances from authors, public figures, and prominent atheists. The show concentrated on current events with an emphasis on topics relevant to the atheist community. 

The Atheist Viewpoint cable show was originally aired only by mailing VHS tapes and DVDs to local atheist sponsors, who were the liaison for local access cable channels to air the program on their local TV airwaves. As technology advanced, so did Atheist Viewpoint. The most recent seasons of AtheistViewpoint are available on YouTube and AtheistTV. 

Atheist Viewpoint taped four episodes during the first two weeks of every month at the American Atheists Center in Cranford, New Jersey. Tapings were open to the public.

Past episodes are available on Vimeo.

Atheist Viewpoint ceased taping in fall 2014. 


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