What time do things start?

If you’re in town Friday night, registration is open at 5:00pm. We have social events including a pub quiz ($10) and a Cards Against Humanity tournament ($20) at 7:00pm and 9:00pm. On Saturday, a members meeting is at 9:00am and the convention program starts at 10:00am. On Sunday, we will have a Grassroots Activism meeting at 9:00am and speakers start at 10:00am. On Monday, the program begins at 9:30am. The full schedule is available online.

Will American Atheists be providing viewing glasses for the eclipse on Monday?

Yes! We’ve got viewing glasses on hand for everyone attending! On Monday, you’ll hear from speakers in the morning before we start watching the eclipse around 1:30pm with the totality happening around 2:45pm. We’ll have a cash bar, snacks, and an explanation of the eclipse by one of our speakers.

What are the lunch and dinner options at the hotel?

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, “grab and go” lunches will be available for purchase. In addition, the hotel has a full service restaurant that will be available for you to dine in if you wish. There are additional restaurant options within driving distance of the hotel, but options within walking distance are limited.

For Sunday’s awards dinner, we have a limited number of additional tickets available for purchase at the door if you haven’t already purchase your ticket. On Saturday, you’re on your own! Go explore the Charleston area!

Is there childcare available?

Yes! Our friends at Camp Quest have graciously arranged a mini-Camp Quest for kids age 8 and older including activities, crafts, and a movie night. If you would like to register, you need to do so before Thursday night! You can register here.

Are there shuttles from the airport? How do I get to my hotel!

If you are staying at the convention site hotel, the North Charleston Marriott, there is a free shuttle that runs from the hotel to the airport every 30 minutes. Just call (843) 747-1900 when you arrive at the airport and let them know that you need the shuttle! You can also request a pick-up from the train station by calling the hotel. They should arrive within about 15 minutes. Other hotels in the area offer similar service, so just check with your hotel!

I’m staying at one of the overflow hotels. How do I get to the Marriott?

There are free shuttles running between the overflow hotels and the Marriott. More information is available on our website.