The American Atheists Legal Center often learns about potential violations of the separation of religion and government through reports from the public. If you are aware of any action by government or religious officials which you think violates the separation of religion and government, please report the incident to us using the form below. While we do try to respond to every submission, reporting an incident does not guarantee that we will respond to the issue, or be in a position to assist you with the matter.

In order to most effectively marshal the resources of the secular movement, the AALC may refer your report to one of our coalition partners depending on the facts and circumstances of the incident. As a result, communications following up on this report may come from staff at partner organizations, such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Center for Inquiry, or American Humanist Association.

Please note that the American Atheists Legal Center cannot assist in family court or divorce matters. However, if a judge or other official (such as a social worker or case manager) uses religion to reach a determination in such cases, please let us know.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact an attorney in your area.