Andre Salais is an activist in the secular movement with seven years of professional experience in legislative analysis, lobbying, policy research, political campaign strategy development, domestic and foreign policy consulting, policy writing, and campaign field organizing.

He is a political strategist at Method Social Kinetics, Director of the Atheist Candidates Project, and Program Director of Humanists of Phoenix.

Andre hosts Unbelievers Radio, a podcast covering important issues to the atheist movement while promoting secularism and an evidence based worldview over superstition and faith. He also writes the @RadioAtheist blog at

Outside of activism, Andre studies religious social systems and their impact on political behavior, covering areas such as: adaptive social systems and evolutionary models of cultural information transfer (memetic), relationships between religion and conflict behavior, and religious and secular thought on statecraft, applied ethics, and policy making.

Andre is currently working on a book entitled, “Conflict Ethics”, covering theories on war and conflict from religious and secular traditions.