Senator Ann Brusseel is a member of the Flemish Parliament, first elected in 2009, and is the chair of “OUT of the Blue,” the LGBTQ+ network of her party.

Senator Brusseel studied classic languages at the Free University of Brussels, university whose motto is Scientia vincere tenebras, through science overcoming the darkness. As a proud alumna, Ann continues to live by this credo and founded R.A.P.P.E.L., a network that advocates a strict separation between church and state. Ann takes it on herself to fight dogmas. She cares for pluralism, that people are allowed to choose what they do or do not believe in. She finds it essential that religion does not interfere with one’s personal freedom.

A former teacher and a proud single mom, Ann is an active member of the Education Committee and advocates for a strong Flemish education system that nurtures freethinking and creative citizens who question their surroundings.