Jocelyn Williamson, a lifelong atheist and Humanist, is the American Atheists’ Florida State Director, President of the Florida Humanist Association and co-founder of the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC). The CFFC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of freethinkers, Humanists, atheists, and secularists working and playing together with reason and compassion as guiding principles. She is an ordained Humanist Celebrant through the Humanist Society.


Jocelyn serves as a Florida Representative for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors for the BE Orlando Humanist Fellowship. In 2012, she founded the Science League for Kids, a scouting group for boys and girls. Jocelyn has given more than 15 secular invocations in Central Florida and received the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” award in 2018 for a secular invocation she offered for a Florida city council meeting.