Kimberly Abell, American Atheists’ newly-appointed Vice President, is an accomplished activist, having successfully lobbied to pass laws that bolster protections for sexual assault survivors in 5 states, including testifying on senate floors multiple times.

She is currently working with Senators from 6 more states to advance similar laws. Kimberly’s challenging childhood feeds her passion for activism to help children have the tools to be safe and enriched. Her activism has increased awareness and publicity of the issue and spurred other activists to action in other states as well.

Her atheist activism has been multifaceted including spearheading multi organizational protests of “In God We Trust” plaques in Washington State government buildings, planning extensive, successful, national book and speaking tours, initiating marketing campaigns, as well as introducing and consulting on national strategy initiatives. She has been instrumental in working with American Atheists to challenge a law in Washington allowing Christian Scientists to withhold medical treatment from their children on religious grounds.

Kimberly is also a Corporate Planning consultant for a Fortune 500 company. She has two adorable children that she gets to love and nurture with humanist values.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone but she also dyes her hair. That’s totally not her natural color.