Born and raised in Wyoming in evangelical Christianity, Marci blindly went along with everything she was taught; to question resulted in physical abuse. After marrying at 17 and seeing the world because her husband joined the Navy, she realized that there were many gods, many religions, and all claimed to be The One True Religion. At the age of 55 she finally admitted that she believed in none of them, and came out as an atheist. She has been happily living her best life since despite pushback from her family.

Marci lived on both US coasts, Hawaii, and in Germany during her husband’s career and moved back to their home state of Wyoming after his retirement. Marci lives in Torrington and is an administrators for the Wyoming Atheist Facebook Page. Distance and weather tend to keep the members from meeting in person but there is a vibrant online community. She also acts, and serves on the board of The Goshen Community theater.