Pat McCann has been an atheist and humanist for over 45 years.  He was a secular activist in Connecticut since attending the first Reason Rally in 2012. Pat was formerly the Assistant State Director for American Atheists in Connecticut, President of the Hartford Area Humanists, Co-chair of the Connecticut Coalition of Reason, and Chair of the Secular Coalition for Connecticut.  He is currently an assistant state director for American Atheists in NY (Finger Lakes, Western NY, Southern Tier, and Central NY regions).

Pat is a virologist with a BSc in Science, an MSc in Molecular Biology, an MBA in Marketing with over 35 years of R&D experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.  Pat retired from Pfizer in 2021.

Pat’s son is a customer support specialist at Highwire Inc (formerly ConstructSecure).  Pat, and the love of his life Elisabeth, are Humanist Celebrants. They both study Washin-ryu Karate-do and are both 4th degree black belts as well as certified instructors.