William Trollinger is the co-author of Righting America at the Creation Museum (2016, Johns Hopkins University Press), which was selected as a Times Higher Education (UK) Book of the Week.

In connection with the book, William and his wife Susan, his co-author, have been interviewed by the New York Times, Religion News Service (the interview appeared in the Washington Post), GQ, and Religion and Politics. Their current work includes ongoing research on creationism, the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter theme park, and the Christian Right. They are currently working on a book about the failure of 20th/21st century evangelicalism. They blog at rightingamerica.net.

William is professor of history at the University of Dayton where he teaches Ph.D. seminars on evangelicalism. His research interests include fundamentalism and the Christian Right. He is also the author of God’s Empire: William Bell Riley and Midwestern Fundamentalism. He is the recipient of the 2017 University of Dayton Alumni Award in Teaching.

Susan and William are both members of an interdisciplinary team at the University of Dayton that teaches a year-long course on the development of the West in a global context.