A Christmas Sermon



This is the famous Christmas Sermon written by Colonel Ingersoll and printed in the Evening Telegram, on December 19, 1891.

In answer to this “Christmas Sermon” the Rev. Dr. J. M. Buckley, editor of the Christian Advocate, the recognized organ of the Methodist Church, wrote an article, calling on the public to boycott the Evening Telegram for publishing such a “sermon.’

This attack was headed “Lies That Are Mountainous.” The Telegram promptly accepted the issue raised by Dr. Buckley and dared him to do his utmost. On the very same day it published an answer from Colonel Ingersoll that echoed throughout America.

About the Author

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-99) was an American orator. Son of a Congregationalist minister, he was trained in law and admitted to the Bar in 1854, and he rapidly showed promise of becoming one of the most brilliant attorneys in America. His title of Colonel belongs to the Civil War, when he served in the cavalry. He began in 1860 to give Rationalist lectures, and during the next 30 years his vibrant oratory, warm sentiment, and impressive personality made him the most effective force for progress in the New World. His direct and trenchant criticism of Christianity, enlivened by wit and satire and infused with the rich and fine emotionalism of his character, instead of alienating believers, drew crowded audiences in nearly every town in America.

Joseph McCabe, A Rationalist Encyclopaedia


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