The Altar Boy Chronicles



The hilarious romp of a logical mind trying to grow up Catholic in Philadelphia’s Little Italy during World War II. A quasi-autobiographical account of the peripubertal life of a boy who would grow up to be a skeptical philosopher and professional musician.

Did someone really set a pornographic stained-glass panel in a window of a Philadelphia Catholic church? Or did a preadolescent surge of hormones merely make it seem so? Can you really get syphilis off a toilet seat? How can a really good Catholic boy be thinking of sex all the time, yet have as his personal hero that zany third member of the Trinity ? the Holy Ghost? Can a child who is both brilliant and artistically gifted grow up Catholic ? and stay Catholic all the way?

About the Author

Tony Pasquarello is an emeritus philosophy professor (the Ohio State University) who has successfully pursued a second career as a pop-jazz-classical musician and popular performer. A Philadelphian, he studied piano and theory at the Settlement School, the Philadelphia Conservatory, and the University of Pennsylvania. The author of numerous technical articles on philosophy and the teaching of philosophy, he also has written popular pieces such as “Proving Negatives and The Paranormal,” which appeared in the journal Skeptical Inquirer. Once an altar boy and possible candidate for the priesthood, he evolved into a skeptical philosopher whose delightful-but-trenchant writings are eagerly sought after by a variety of free-thought publications.


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