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Atheism Advanced answers many questions, including: Why must Atheists stop ‘speaking Christian?’ — not only to prevent religionists from setting the terms of debate but also to prevent them from determining the very thoughts we think? Are there any religions without gods? How are gods created, and are they being manufactured today? Why is science necessarily atheistic? Why must Atheists advance from being simply ‘without gods’ to being ‘Discredists,’ thinkers who reject belief-based reasoning altogether? Includes an anthropology of comparative religion.

About the Author

Prof. David Eller is a cultural anthropologist who has conducted field research among Aboriginal societies in Australia and now teaches anthropology in Denver, Colorado. His recent college textbook Introducing Anthropology of Religion is being hailed as the most significant introduction to the scientific study of religion in a decade. His previous AAP book Natural Atheism showed him to be as good a philosopher as scientist. Now we see he is equally skilled as a linguist and semanticist and can show that for knowledgeable Atheists ‘Atheism’ means more than the absence of god-beliefs: it is the absence (indeed the rejection) of belief altogether.


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