An Atheist Looks at Woman & Religion



Many feminists seek ways to reconcile religion, particularly Judeo-Christianity, with modern principles of civil rights for women. Madalyn O?Hair shows how self-defeating such attempts are. Probing the earliest writings of Judeo-Christianity, its history, and the Bible, she exposes this religion for what it is ? anti-woman to the core.

About the Author

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, whom Life magazine dubbed “The Most Hated Woman in America,” is best remembered for her 1963 landmark case Murray v. Curlett, in which the US Supreme Court ruled in her favor, outlawing forced prayer and Bible reading in the public schools of America. A fighter for reason and a defender of the ‘Wall of Separation’ between state and church right up until being violently murdered with her family in 1995, even today she continues to be America’s best-known atheist.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
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