The Bible Handbook



If you are armed with this nineteenth-century classic of atheist biblical scholarship, no bible-thumping missionary will ever be safe on your doorstep again! You will have all the devastating evidence needed to prove that the so-called ?Holy Bible? is actually Wholly Babble.

Materials compiled in the nineteenth century in England by G. W. Foote and W. P. Ball, as well as a twentieth-century study by the Australian John Bowden, demonstrate that the scriptures considered sacred by Jews and Christians area actually ghastly, morally outrageous, fatally illogical productions that contradict each other at every turn. The Bible Handbook proves beyond quibble that the Holy Bible is the most imperfect major book ever written by uninspired men.

About the Author

G. W. Foote and W. P. Ball were famous English “Infidel” scholars of the late 19th century. Foote was imprisoned for the victimless crime of blasphemy. John Bowden is a modern Australian atheist author of biblical criticism, and Richard M. Smith is an American atheist author of various works critical of religion.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
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