Carl Sagan: A Life



Carl Sagan was one of the most celebrated scientists of this century ? the handsome alluring visionary who inspired a generation to look to the heavens and beyond. His life was both an intellectual feast and an emotional roller-coaster. Based on interviews with Sagan?s family and friends, including his widow, Ann Druyan; his first wife, acclaimed scientist Lynn Margulis; and his three sons, as well as exclusive access to many personal papers, this highly acclaimed life story offers remarkable insight into one of the most influential, provocative, and beloved figures of our time ? a complex, contradictory prophet of the Space Age.

About the Author

Keay Davidson is an award-winning science reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and has written feature articles for National Geographic and New Scientist. He coauthored the critically acclaimed book Wrinkles in Time with George Smoot. He lives in San Francisco, California


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