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Deconstructing Mormonism is not just another “anti-Mormon” attack on the church, its leaders, or its origins and history. And it’s not just another religious criticism of Mormonism, or yet one more story of a disgruntled ex-believer. This book is the first and only substantial atheistic and psycho-social analysis and assessment of Mormonism to date. It reveals that with Mormonism, what is represented by Missionaries and members of the faith is not what exists beneath the surface. Like all other theistic faiths, Mormonism is not only a demonstrably irrational belief system at its core, but represents the worst in all theistic faiths as an authoritarian and ‘revelation’-based system of mind-control. With Mormonism what you see is definitely not what you get.

While the argued conclusions reached and personal criticisms made in this work will likely be troubling to honest readers of any faith (particularly parents raising their children in their faith), they will hopefully be therapeutic and liberating as well, leading them – whether defensive and resistant or not – slowly but surely back to their natural atheism, and to the path of mental health and intellectual integrity inherent in a naturalistic world-view without superstitious and supernatural foundations.

Written with the insight, knowledge, and passion that only a once fully converted and deeply committed believer could have, Deconstructing Mormonism is truly a groundbreaking work that not only provides the first serious atheological analysis and psychosocial assessment of the Mormon faith, but extends its critical reach – through both its methodolgy and conclusions – to the core metaphysical beliefs and authoritarian, moralistic practices of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well. A “must read” for Mormon and all other theistic believers, nonbelievers, investigators, and apologists alike.

About the Author

Thomas Riskas was a devout member of the Mormon faith, serving as a member of The Seventy and High Priesthood. After 20 years of devotion, he left the church in 2002. He had been a Mormon since his conversion at age 24. He served as a member in good standing in many teaching, missionary, and leadership roles. These experiences provide him with the needed grounding in Mormon history, doctrine, religious practice, and culture Ever since his formal resignation from the church, he has considered himself a naturalist and secular humanist, entirely without belief in any gods or the supernatural. His personal passions are the study and therapeutic practice of philosophy and psychoanalysis in both his personal life and professional work as a lecturer, writer, and organizational psychologist and consultant.


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