Essays in Freethinking: Volume One



The essays in this collection have all seen the light in that well known but unpopular weekly journal the Freethinker, mostly under the heading of ?Views and Opinions.? They are now reissued in more permanent form, with very little alteration, and in response to many requests that this should be done. Although most of the articles were written around some topical event, it will be found that they treat of those more permanent issues of which passing affairs are so often no more than a reflection. The sole motive in writing them originally was to aid the diffusion of Freethought; and in their present form they have no other purpose to serve.

About the Author

Chapman Cohen was the third president of the National Secular Society in Great Britain, that organization which had begun with the great Charles Bradlaugh. He started his career by giving “freethought” lectures in 1890 and in 1915 succeeded G. W. Foote of Bible Handbook fame as president of the National Secular Society. He also became the editor of the Freethinker magazine.


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