Essays in Freethinking: Volume Two



As with the first series of essays, nearly all the contents of this volume have appeared in the pages of the Freethinker. And, as with the first collection, although most have been written round some current happening, they have been selected for republication because they are concerned with some of the permanent issues between Freethought and Religion. Although light in form they are serious in purpose, and I trust they will be found so in their thought. In the main, their chief value may be found in that they are suggestive, that they will, to use a current phrase, ?set people thinking.? If their further thinking leads them to the same conclusion as the writer of the articles, so much the more flattering to him. If they do not, and they serve to make the reader?s own opinions clearer and more definite, that will be so much to the good. For it is one of the paradoxes of the intellectual life, that though we all write or talk to secure agreement, the chief good we do is to set up that fermentation of ideas out of which larger and more valuable truth may emerge.

About the Author

Chapman Cohen was the third president of the National Secular Society in Great Britain, that organization which had begun with the great Charles Bradlaugh. He started his career by giving ?freethought? lectures in 1890 and in 1915 succeeded G. W. Foote of Bible Handbook fame as president of the National Secular Society. He also became the editor of the Freethinker magazine.


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