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In his prodigious and eye-opening The Pre-Nicene New Testament, Professor Robert Price presented and analyzed 54 formative texts that were considered scripture by early Christian groups. In this more manageable volume, he brings us his latest thinking and English translation of the New Testament books that are still considered canonical by most Christians. Both scholars and believers will be amazed and either delighted or dismayed to be able to see those books without the distortion of the harmonizing translational lenses of confessional translators.

Price arranges the New Testament books according to their probable order of composition and the theopolitical groups in which they first functioned. Nearly all the books being composites resulting from sequential rounds of redaction, interpolation, and fusion, Price identifies the various compositional strata and finds ways in English to convey the original technical meanings of Docetic and Gnostic terms later Catholicized and disguised to conceal their heterodox beginnings. This allows the reader to see the New Testament books as no one has been able to see them for over a thousand years.

As with his previous magnum opus, each book is introduced with comments about the cultural setting, information about when a document was probably written, and significant textual considerations, which together form a running commentary that continues into the footnotes.

About the Author

Robert M. Price was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and moved as a child to New Jersey where he attended a fundamentalist Baptist church. He even became president of a chapter of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and was for a time an apologist of the sort he refutes in Beyond Born Again, Deconstructing Jesus, The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, and Jesus Is Dead. Editor of The Journal of Higher Criticism, he is also the author of The Widow Traditions in Luke-Acts, The Da Vinci Fraud, The Reason-Driven Life, and the monumental The Pre-Nicene New Testament.? He holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a second PhD in New Testament from Drew University. He has served as Professor of Religion at Mount Olive College in North Carolina and is a member of the Jesus Seminar and its successor, the Jesus Project.


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