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No dentist’s waiting room should be without this very adult parody of children’s Bible-story books. Unlike the children’s books usually found at doctors’ office, this one does not clean up the deity’s dirty deeds. Because it is extremely accurate ? even anatomically accurate ? in depicting the often shocking tales that make the Bible an ethicist’s nightmare, Illustrated Stories From The Bible can be recommended for children no more than one could recommend the Bible itself.

Each illustrated tale is told in the wide-eyed, isn’t-God-wonderful manner of the books usually employed to entice children into churches. Each story is followed, however, by a rationalist, ethical critique of the story that draws upon the best modern scholarship concerning the Bible.

About the Author

Paul Farrell was born in Perth, Scotland, and moved to Canada when he was thirteen. With a degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria and a Masters in Public Administration, he has made a career in the health-care industry in British Columbia ? while living the life of a semiprofessional soccer player as well.

Like everyone, Paul was born an Atheist. But then he was reared as a Roman Catholic. In his early twenties he became a born-again Christian and began researching topics ranging from evolution to abortion. He developed into a fervent apologist for fundamentalism and frequently debated issues from the fundamentalist perspective. Ultimately, his intense and thorough studies led him out of the Bible and Christianity altogether. He became a born-again Atheist.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
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