Jesus and Moses Were Invented



Jesus and Moses never existed as historical figures. That is the startling conclusion confirmed by author Christopher Drew after his re-examination of the dates of composition of the canonical books of the New and Old Testaments, as well as the books of the Gnostic “library” found at Nag Hammadi.

Hosea, who lived at the time of the Assyrian invasion of the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 BCE, clearly had never heard of the “Mosaic Law” which supposedly was communicated to Moses around 1220 BCE. Although Hosea would have had lots of reasons to cite the Law in his polemic against his wife (a practicing Astarte priestess with three children sired by her lovers) he never once hinted she had broken a single law of Moses. Clearly, the Moses stories were composed after 722 BCE, and no Moses ever led the Hebrews out of Egypt before the time of Hosea.

About the Author

Christopher Drew was a retired mechanical engineer who died one week before the completion of the printing of this book. He had been an Atheist since high school. A tour of Egypt in 1981 strengthened his interest in the origin of religions and in the methods used to perpetuate them. Independent, scientific examination of the Judaeo-Christian scriptures and related literature transformed him into a serious biblical scholar. Over the years he contributed articles to the magazine “American Atheist” as well as various special materials published by American Atheist Press.


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