Martin Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor



A foreword by Frank R. Zindler describes the relations of the never-excommunicated Catholic Adolf Hitler with two popes and his comment that “Luther, if he could be with us, would give us his blessing.” A reprint of a book written during the last months of the war in Europe, the book discusses Luther the man, his unstable character, his often treacherous actions, his views and teachings on marriage, truth, the state, war, the Jews, the peasants, and Germany. The growth of the unrealistic, positive legend of Luther is examined, with a concluding essay “From Luther to Hitler.”

About the Author

Peter F. Wiener (1870-1949) was a teacher of German and French living in England during the years of World War II. Educated in Germany, France, England, and other countries, he developed a supranational view of history and religion which he taught to his students. His reading of the works of Martin Luther in the original, bawdy German conflicted with the “Here I stand” legend of Luther so ubiquitous at the time. He was the author of “German for the Scientist,” and “German with Tears.”


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