Our Pagan Christmas



From the forward by Barbara Smoker

“If you don’t believe in Our Lord, you obviously can’t have anything to celebrate at Christmas! So why do you send Christmas cards? Why have a Christmas tree? Why a special Christmas dinner instead of corned beef or fish fingers?!”

Those of us who make no secret of our rejection of Christian beliefs are often subject to jibes of this kind unless we are also, like Bernard Shaw, anti-Christmas ascetics, eager to do a normal day’s work on December 25, avoiding the company of revelers and keeping to our vegetarian diet and alcoholic abstinence. Most of us do not aspire to such Shavian asceticism. Though concerned to appear consistent, we would hate to feel excluded from the general jollification. With the aid of this little book, we can boldly join in the feast without losing face!

For in these pages, so ably researched and lucidly written by R. J. Condon for the National Secular Society, we have the unassailable historical facts to justify us and help us prepare confident rejoinders to the taunts of Christians who would exclude us from the feast of friendship and the “Christmas spirit” of empathy and alcohol.

About the Author

Contributor of articles to The Freethinker (one of the oldest surviving freethought publications, in print from 1881-2014, and online since) on the pagan origins of ?Christian? festivals.


Publisher:?American Atheist Press
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