Out of God’s Closet



Did you ever wonder: ? ? ?

Why do innocent children die of leukemia or other diseases?
Who is in charge when a tsunami kills thousands of people?
Did U.S. guilt merit the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01?
Why do abortion clinics get bombed by religious believers?
Should we tolerate all faiths no matter how extreme?
Do I really need to believe most of what preachers preach?
Am I cynical when I fear praying preachers may be preying?
Can atheists, agnostics, freethinkers live good moral lives?
Are my dead loved ones gone forever?
Can I really go to a heaven of glory and pleasure forever?
Can I really go to a hell of shame and pain forever?
When, if ever, does the end justify the means?

About the Author

Dr. Stephen Frederick Uhl, a former Roman Catholic priest, shares his exciting and shocking journey. As a retired psychologist he now kicks the stuffiness out of informative scholarship and paves the way to more fun and less guilt for all.


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