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More citizen involvement is needed in our government processes to ensure the voices of the people are heard over the money of paid lobbyists, unions, and coalitions, both in Washington, DC, and in state capitals across the country. Too often our public officials seem removed from the people who hired them to be their representatives and fail to work on their behalf.

The Citizen Lobbyist is a handbook for anyone who wants to learn about how to be active in local, state, and federal government and to have a voice in creating public policy. It gives a step-by-step plan on how to lobby elected officials about whatever issues you care about, offers information on how to plan a lobbying meeting for individuals and groups, and provides sample lobbying worksheets and resources to assist with finding legislative information and history. The Citizen Lobbyist is your go-to reference for being a grassroots activist and citizen lobbyist.

About the Author

Amanda Knief is a public policy and constitutional expert on religious freedom and civil liberties. She has worked as a legal counsel and legislative drafter for the Iowa Legislature, the lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for America, and the Legal Director for American Atheists. She has a JD from Drake University Law School and a BS in journalism and science communication from Iowa State University.


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