Through Atheist Eyes (Vol. 1: Religions & Scriptures)



Did Jesus and the Twelve Disciples actually exist? Are they just literary fictions? If so, how did Jesus acquire a biography? Was Nazareth inhabited when Mary and Joseph are supposed to have lived there? Why do Catholic Bibles have more and longer books in them than Protestant ones? Gathered together in this first volume of Zindler’s collected short works readers will find 49 articles, speeches, and lectures written over the space of forty years to answer those questions and to challenge and respond to claims of religious apologists and defenders of the Jewish, Christian, Mormon, and Muslim scriptures, including a reprint and critique of the Danish cartoons that triggered rioting and murder throughout the Muslim world.

About the Author

Frank R. Zindler has been an atheist activist since 1959 when he began publicly to defend the teaching of evolution and to criticize religious encroachments upon the public sphere. A professor of biology and geology at SUNY for almost twenty years, he was forced to give up teaching when he joined Madalyn Murray O’Hair in a lawsuit that attempted to remove ?In God We Trust?; from American currency.

A linguist and editor of scientific literature, he is a former member of The Jesus Seminar and the current Jesus Project and is the author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew. He is a veteran of more than 400 commercial radio and TV interviews and debates in defense of atheism.


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